4/8 Kill Poker Bonus

We’re introducing 4-8 Kill in the poker room, and we’re giving away cash bonuses to those who play!

Get in on this action Hold’em game during May and you can get paid just for playing.

5 hours of play = $50 bonus
10 hours of play = $100 bonus

If you’re looking to spice up your regular poker game, our new 4-8 Kill could be just what you’re looking for! It’s going to be a fun new addition to the Canterbury Park poker room.

How “Kill” Poker Works:
Whoever wins the pot is awarded the button, which says “Leg Up” on one side.

If that player wins the next pot, the button is flipped over to the “Kill” side and the stakes are doubled as long as that individual continues to win any part of the pot.

If not, it goes back to 4-8 (until another player earns the kill button).

Basically, if you win two pots in a row, the stakes double on the next pot!

Promo Flyer 

Bonus will be added to MVP Account on Monday, June 4


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