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Heart straight flushes (10 hands) on the Late Night Progressive Board that hit from 10 p.m. to 10 a.m. will earn the player at least $100 on eligible hands.

Once the heart straight flush is made, it will come off the board. But for each day that the remaining straight flushes in that suit don’t get hit, the cash prize for those hands goes up, and continues to go up until someone makes them!

Late Night Progressive Board Overview
• Progressive board begins with all 10 heart straight flushes eligible.
• The board is seeded with $1,000 ($100 for each of the 10 flushes)
• Hit an eligible hand on the progressive board and win cash.
• Once a hand is hit, it is no longer eligible.
• $100 is added to the board daily, divided evenly among all remaining eligible hands.
• When all 10 hands have been hit, the board is reseeded and begins again.
• Player must play highest possible hand

Every day $100 will be added to the board, and split evenly to the total of straight flushes that didn’t hit. Your big hands will be worth more than what you win in the pot with our Late Night Progressive Board!

Official rules.

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