Fall Poker Classic

Midwest's Premier Poker Tournament

Join us for the 2018 Fall Poker Classic, the Midwest's premier series of poker tournaments!

Get your game ready for the Fall Poker Classic, returning to Canterbury Park from Oct. 5-21.

Featuring dozens of tourneys and prizes totaling more than $1 million, the Fall Poker Classic is the Midwest’s premier series of tournaments. With a variety of buy-ins and tournament types available, you can test your skills and enjoy some time on the felt this October.

In addition to several No-Limit Hold’em events, the Fall Poker Classic also includes some big-blind ante events, as well as:
• $125 Crazy Pineapple
• $350 H.O.R.S.E.
• $125 Ladies Event
• $250 Tag-Team
• $235 Limit Big Mix
• $125 Win the Button
• $235 Omaha 8 or Better Hi/Lo
• $235 Pot-Limit Omaha
• $3,500 High-Roller
• $1,100 Main Event

Event pre-registration opens at noon on Friday, Oct. 5. Players may preregister for any event in advance through the event’s designated entry period. (No refunds.)

Share your stories and photos from the tables on social media using the hashtag #FPC18.

Find flyers for the events below.

Oct 5Friday6:00 PM1$250 Tag Team NLH
Oct 6Saturday11 AM2$365 Monster Stack NLH (2 Day Event)
2 PM3$3,500 High Roller NLH
6:00 PM-$180 Bounty No Limit Hold'em
Oct 7Sunday11 AM 4$235 No Limit Hold'em
6:00 PM-$125 No Limit Hold'em
Oct 8MondayNoon5$235 Seniors NLH (50+)
6:00 PM-$150 Double Stack NLH
Oct 9TuesdayNoon6$340 No Limit Hold'em
4PM7$235 Limit Big Mix
6:00 PM-$125 Win the Button NLH
Oct 10WednesdayNoon8$235 Omaha-8 (Limit)
4:00 PM9$235 6-Max NLH
6:00 PM-$125 No Limit Hold'em
Oct 11ThursdayNoon10$350 H.O.R.S.E.
6:00 PM-$125 No Limit Hold'em
Oct 12FridayNoon11$550 No Limit Hold'em
6:00 PM-$125 Crazy Pineapple
Oct 13Saturday11 AM12$365 Monster Stack NLH (2-Day Event)
2 PM13$600 Tag Team NLH
6:00 PM-$125 No Limit Hold'em
Oct 14Sunday11 AM14$180 No Limit Hold'em
4 PM-$140 10% Satellite NLH
6:00 PM-$125 Ladies No Limit Hold'em
Oct 15MondayNoon15$340 No Limit Hold'em
6:00 PM-$150 Double Stack NLH
Oct 16TuesdayNoon 16$550 No Limit Hold'em
4 PM17$235 Pot Limit Omaha
6:00 PM-$260 20% Satellite NLH
Oct 17WednesdayNoon18$340 6-Max NLH
6:00 PM-$260 20% Satellite NLH
Oct 18ThursdayNoon19$340 No Limit Hold'em
4 PM20$340 Limit Big Mix
6:00 PM-$260 20% Satellite NLH
Oct 19FridayNoon21-A$1,100 Championship Main Event Day 1A
6:00 PM-$260 20% Satellite NLH
Oct 20SaturdayNoon21-B$1,100 Championship Main Event Day 1B
6:00 PM-$125 No Limit Hold'em
Oct 21Sunday11 AM22$180 Last Chance NLH
12:30 PMMain Event Day 2
6:00 PM-$125 No Limit Hold'em

Flyers/Blind Structures

FC18-Ev 1 $250 Tag-Team NLH

FC18-Ev 2- 12 $365 Monster Stack NLH

FC18- Ev 3 $3500 High Roller NLH

FC18- Ev 4-$235 NLH

FC18- Ev 5-Seniors $235 NLH

FC18-Ev 6- 15- 19 $340 NLH

FC18- Ev 7-$235 Limit Big Mix 4PM

FC18- Ev 8-$235 Limit Omaha-8

FC18- Ev 9 $235 NLH 6-max 4PM

FC18- Ev 10 $350 HORSE-2day

FC18-Ev 11- 16 $550 NLH

FC18-Ev 13 $600 Tag-Team NLH

FC18- Ev 14-22 $180 NLH

FC18- Ev 17 $235 Pot Limit Omaha hi

FC18- Ev 18-$340 6-Max NLH

FC18- Ev 20-$340 Limit Big Mix 4PM

FC18- Ev 21-$1100 Championship NLH

FC18- 6PM Bonus Ladies $125 NLH

FC18- 6PM Bonus $125 Crazy Pineapple

FC18- 6PM Bonus $125 NLH

FC18- 6PM Bonus $180 Bounty NLH

FC18- 6PM Bonus Win the Button $125 NLH

FC18- 6PM Bonus $150 Double Stack NLH

FC18- 6PM $260 20% Satellite NLH

FC18- 4PM $140 10% Satellite NLH

                                                                                                                            Need a place to stay during the Fall Poker Classic? Check out our featured hotel Mystic Lake Casino Hotel®, located 5 miles from Canterbury Park.  Book online or call 800-813-7349 to reserve your room today!

Member Poker Tournament Directors Association. Copies of TDA rules available upon request or go to www.pokertda.com.

In accordance with Federal regulations, W-2G’s will be issued for all buy-in tournament net payouts of more than $5,000.

Schedule subject to change. Canterbury Park management reserves the right to alter or cancel any promotion at any time. Playing responsibly is always your best bet!






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