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$120 Crazy Pineapple NL

$120 Crazy Pineapple NL
Second Thursday of the Month
6:30 PM

Event Dates: April 13, June 8, July 13, August 10, Sept. 14

–Event Flyer–

Come play this crazy twist on No Limit Hold’em/Omaha!

Players are initially dealt three cards. After the post-flop betting round is complete players must discard one card. The rest of the hand plays out like NL Hold’em.  The best 5 card hand wins using any combination of your two cards and the board cards.

This event does not qualify for Tournament Jackpot.

Game Type Tables Waiting
2-100 SL Holdem31
8-16 Kill Holdem21
3-6 Kill Holdem12
40-80 Holdem11
40-80 Mix11
6-12 Omaha-814
20-40 Holdem05
10-20 Mix01
2-100 SL OMAHA01
5-100 SL OMAHA01