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Wiener Photos … Not that Weiner

By Kate Ulrich

Canterbury Park may be known for their horse racing, but a fan favorite comes every year when the weiner dogs walk onto the track for the Dachshund Dash.

On Sunday, June 19th, twenty-two dogs braved the muddy track to run in two qualifying heats. The top three finishers in each race continue to the championship race on July 4th.

Many of the pups were too distracted to make it to the finish line, some even decided to stay in the starting gate and watch the others run the race – but not these six; they are the fastest (or most interested in treats) of them all.

This canine shot out of the gate but did not have enough speed left in him to keep his lead. Meet Bosco, the only dog in the race that can brag about his handsome tuxedo days. Yep, this dog wore a tux in his mom and dad’s wedding. We’ll see if his good looks can get him a win in the championships – if not, I hear Mr. Congeniality is up for grabs.

“Spud with a late surge,” Paul Allen called through the crowds. These 15.41 pounds of weiner were full of closing speed in the race. If the sun is out on the 4th, this canine could have some trouble focusing her attention away from her love for sun bathing – none-the-less, a sure contender in the end!

This 25 pound boy comes from a sheep and goat farm where he learned to run with the best of them. When asked what their trick was for getting Daxter to run, owner Amy replied, “Me, he loves me.” After a farming accident earlier this summer put 13 stitches and possibly a halt in his racing career, this hound fought back and was cleared to race in time for qualifiers. As Paul Allen said in his race call, this is “one strong weiner.”
The #7 dog in the 2nd heat was this little 13.1 pound dachshund named Patches. Patches prepared for the race by eating lots and lots of beef jerky – I wonder what the trick will be for the championships? Steak?

In second place – Taco, our smallest qualifying weiner, weighing in at 10 pounds. Intrigued by the large, squeaky toy seen in the photo, Taco was a quick little bullet out on the track, just falling short of his winning opponent. Racing is this dogs life – he better spice it up a bit to finish on top come championships.

And last, but certainly not least, Huey, the winner of the second heat. After winning the race, his owner, Paul, raised the little guy over his head triumphantly…and for good reason. “Oh, Huey is a fast weiner,” Paul Allen announced. And that he was. His speed and eagerness in the gate will certainly make this weiner a big time contender in the Weiner Dog Championships.

It’s not too often you find such fierce competition between such little animals, but these dogs came to win.

Missed the races or just can’t wait to see more? Heats 3 and 4 are set to race with 22 more dogs next Sunday, June 26th. Bring your family and friends and join racing fans in cheering on these wieners!

You certainly will want to mark your calendars now because these six, along with the top six from next weekend, race for the big prize on July 4th – and who can pass up Weiner Dog Championships and FREE HORMEL HOT DOGS?!

Who will be your weiner winner?