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We Got A Bad Ride

In my opinion….

Regardless which side of the aisle you lean to, you got less than you deserved if you favor the Racino proposal. The Democrats had a chance to partially fill the large budgetary gap by taking a look at this proposal but again let lobbyist money dictate policy. Many said privately that they would vote in favor were they given the chance. By not taking a stand they ensured they never had a chance to vote on it and can return to their constituents and blame it on someone else.

If you are on the right, Gov. Pawlenty did you no favors. He repeatedly said that there was too much opposition on both sides and that he was not interested in a gambling bill. This gave the far right wingers cover and also gave the left an easy out. A recent poll suggests that 79% of Minnesotans would like to see gambling as an option to generate tax revenue.

Mr. Governor that sounds like interest to me.

We don’t get angry in this country. We need to ask the right questions. The Governor is poised to veto a bill that might provide relief to the terminally ill. There was no clamor for it, yet he will sign a primary seat belt law. He knows what is best for us. An idea that 79% of the public favors can’t even reach his desk?

Politically speaking, maybe the governor is right. There is not enough support from the officials we elected to represent us (but enabling them was not the solution) and he won’t dirty his hands right now when there are bigger things for him on the horizon. Or , optimistically, maybe he has something planned for 2010.

Racino has had overwhelming public support for years yet it can’t muster a gallop in St. Paul.

If you are a Racino supporter, ask your legislators, both Republican and Democrat, why they remained quiet. Why they cut programs when there was another option. Don’t let them pass the buck. And go to the polls when you are given the opportunity.

Racino supporters, we got a bad ride.