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View from the VOX….. Let’s Make Some Money!

Another four-day racing week at Canterbury starts this afternoon at 4:30, which means chip, chair and chance you could win $85,000 on a 50-cent play. Not that it happened that way, but last Wednesday we paid out a Pick 5 record $85,340.No idea how much winner(s) invested to find a 46-to-1 early, a 6-to-1 in the middle who was 0-for-3 on the turf and hadn’t even hit the board yet that day charges home like freaking Honor The Hero, and Peacock Cowboy, who I, too, fancied, at 14-to-1 to cap the score.

Well done.

But as the kids might say these days, Thursday rolled along and said “hold my beer.”

One winning Pick 5 ticket again, and one, record-setting payoff of $98k and high change.

Just fascinating the newbies who have found CBY and are getting involved. Loving it because I already am seeing early season wagering pool trends develop per the field size, etc. a given day/week.

It’s a $98k score. Again, well done!

What truly is well done, though, is given we rolled the dice this truncated, surreal-experience-of-a-season, the 10 percent “rake” on the 50-cent Pick 5 is the lowest in the country. Less for us, more for you. Pros covet, request and bet that all the time when they actually get it, right?

Wednesday’s pool was like $95k, scoop 85 Large. I believe Pick 5 takeout nationwide goes from us at 10 percent maybe up to 20 percent for the house to pay the bills.

So, say the Pick 5 “rake” at “I Swear Tabia Stopped Downs” is 18 percent, Canterbury being at 10 percent just housed the Wednesday Winners like seven grand and change. Thursday’s extra scoop was better than that.

No “Thank You” card with a voucher in it required.

The “sharps” nationwide are following us daily, and the handicapping competition abroad never has been tougher. We race Monday-Thursday 4:30 p.m. to like 9, and people have settled into post-quarantine with new habits and like finding value in Minnesota, Manitoba or Mars. Twenty six years I’ve called races here, and the outstate action is so juicy when we have the right kinds of races I’m jazzed to call them for the newbies in the crowd. Just loving it. if you want to join one day. Let’s make some money this week!