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View from the VOX … Emerging Trends at Canterbury Park

Four-day piece this week with some emerging trends and talkers that can lead us to money playing the races at Canterbury Park. Secure a spot on track via, and the casino is fully operable with Blackjack, etc. and Texas Hold ‘Em. Good food at Trifecta, too, and my son Derek runs the cafe five evenings a week. Say “Hi,” he’s a sweet kid.

Identifying cycles in horse racing is key. Trainers, riders, horses, prices of winning horses, field sizes, legit probability of heavy favorites crushing during Pick 4/5 sequences, all of that. Last week at CBY the final two days the Pick 5 paid $333 Wednesday and $152 to close-the-week Thursday. Our Pick 5 is a 50-cent wager, so Pasadena City College math means that’s like 666-to-1 and 304-to-1 on your money, which are terrific returns if you “singled” in every race.

Nobody hits Pick 5s singling every race, and that gets us to the meat of the week: Seems the CBY trend with some smaller fields is short-priced horses are dominating, and we as Pick 5 Playing Nation need to adjust accordingly and find routes to smack that big pool with the non-obvious.

Maybe with the CBY Pick 5 the route is minimal horses in races there’s a favorite of like 8-to-5 or lower, and in races like last Thursday that led to a modest $152 Pick 5 payoff use as many as needed. In the finale Thursday Ry Eikleberry, absolutely one of our best two riders, scored for a $15.20 win pay, which is not like a super long shot by any stretch. Horse figured, was included in my 5, but I busted out earlier.

*IN-STORY ASIDE OFF THAT LAST BIT … $15.20 FOR A $2 WIN BET PERSONIFIES THE BEAUTY OF PARIMUTUEL WAGERING …. So, last Tuesday I mash our Pick 4s and 5, and I’m in good! Got bounced from all of it. Negative. So, Analyst B.A. had a few horses to close a sequence play, and his legit big hit was the horse I selected, Courting Moonlight, a late-running type trained by HOF Bernell Rhone. So, I’m like “bleep it, I’ll ride with you main man.” Put rest of my dwindling voucher to win and place on Courting Moonlight. Horse ambled home from last, cascaded by them all and paid $16.60 to win and $11.20 in the middle.

One play. One scoop. From down $400 and in for six to plus a grand and small change in one swipe is what our game is all about. The ability to strikeout the first three plate attempts then, BAM, game-winning HR final at bat. Just love it.


So, I guess the way I see Monday, Wednesday and Thursday this week going with the CBY Pick 4s and 5 is I’ll be playing smaller tickets using more “off favorites” and playing the tickets multiple times. I’ll take a peek at that next racing week and see what it looks like. Didn’t include Tuesday in the mix because that’s Qs-day, which is a quarter horse extravaganza and the film watching — the All 22 — from previous races absolutely is a winning route of attack.

Point is I and others have been spreading too aggressively in races the favorite keeps winning. So let’s non-obvious the bit and roll with smaller tickets multiple times and follow which riders are dominating the week.

Given we have had an exodus of riders the last week give long looks to Roimes Chirinos, Israel Hernandez, Leslie Mawing and Alonso Quinonez if/when they get hot. They’ll pick up barns, and if the shed row gets hot the riders make money and hit hot streaks. Saw it all week last week.

Chew on these:

Chirinos has ridden five stakes races and won two, tied for most stakes wins “in the room.”

For whatever the reason Mawing is 1-for-29 in routes.

Eikleberry is our leading rider by two wins over Francisco Arrieta. Ry is steady, and that’s what I like about him. Even-keeled kid, even-keeled rider. He wins 26 percent on the dirt, 18 on the grass and gets favorites home first 40 percent of the time, which is a big number.

Nearing the midway point of the Truncated CBY Season … come say “hey” when you get a chance.