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Vertical or Horizontal

by Jason Ige

Which style of wagering works best: vertically (win, ex, tri, super) or horizontally (dd, p3, p4)? Both styles can be deadly when you are picking winners, so let’s just break down how to take advantage when on a hot streak.

Vertical wagers
1) Win – r.o.i. is plainly seen in the odds chosen to wager on. There’s simply no reason to accept wagering on anything below 5-2 if you truly desire to have remaining capitol for next year (exception:millionares)

2) Ex/Tri/Super – exotics that give player opportunities to bet small/win big. I strongly believe the key to cashing these is finding the “sneaky” longshot that rarely wins, but runs either 2nd/3rd/4th. Seek out Mr Walczak at the bar for great advice on finding these longshots.

Horizontal wagers
P3/P4 – My preferred exotic as not only does it provide opportunity to bet small/win big, but I just have to worry about “win type” horses and it also allows me time to relax in between the sequence of races. The one drawback is when a type of race you are not strong at is thrown into the sequence. Then it becomes wise to pass. For example: my friend Mr Dinkin and I feel we aren’t very strong with dirt claimers as they often tend to lose their form seemingly overnight, so we steer clear from certain tracks that card many of these modest types.

Summary – Experiment with both styles each time you go to the track and see which one fits you best.