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TURF: An International Gathering of Horse Racing Bloggers

Tuesday marked the launch of TURF, a collection of the most popular and informative horse racing blogs from the United States and around the world. TURF can be found at as well as on Facebook at Turf Bloggers.

“Our purpose in organizing this group,” said TURF founding member Valerie Grash, “is to gather the best the blogosphere has to offer in regards to the coverage of horse racing, providing one site where readers can easily find select and thought-provoking writing by individuals invested in sharing their love for the sport. Our members include horse owners, trainers, pedigree and bloodstock analysts, medical professionals, handicappers, fans and even professional turf writers from three continents. With such diversity, readers are guaranteed to enjoy a wide array of opinion and news from all over the racing world.”

In addition to the launch of the group’s website, many TURF members will be posting on their individual blogs this week on issues related to the upcoming Breeder’s Cup.

“By exploring a common theme over the course of our first week,” media contact Ted Grevelis said, “we hope to illustrate the benefits of visiting one “go-to” website as a launch point for readers to further explore the provocative ideas found in our members’ blogs. Certainly another goal is to engage readers in stimulating dialogue about our sport, the kind of open discussion that is sorely needed. As arguably the most dominating event of racing today–and in some ways, the most controversial–the Breeders’ Cup provides the perfect topic.”

Racetracks and news outlets are encouraged to freely link to the TURF homepage from their own sites in order to broaden their customer’s access and enjoyment of horse racing news.

In addition to founding members Valerie Grash (Foolish Pleasure/FilliesFirst), Dana Byerly (Green But Game), Jessica Chapel (Railbird), Teresa Genaro (Brooklyn Backstretch), Ted Grevelis (Owning Racehorses) and Kevin Martin (Colin’s Ghost), the members of TURF include:

Steve Zorn (The Business of Racing)
Sid Fernando (Sid Fernando + Observations)
Keith McCalmont (Triple Dead Heat)
Gina Rarick (Gallop France)
Chris Hernandez (Giving My Ten Cents)
Fran Jurga (Hoof Blog/The Jurga Report)
Bill Pressey (ThoroEdge)
Alastair Middleton Horse Racing in Korea
Sue Dalebroux (Post Parade)
Alan Mann (Left at the Gate)
Frank Vespe (That’s Amore Stable)
Gene Kershner (Equispace)
Anthony Falbo (The Turk)
Kate Hunter (Keiblog)