Thoroughbred Stakes Schedule

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DateStake RaceConditionsDistancePurseNomination FormNomination List
May 19, 202110,000 Lakes Stakes3 & up (MN)6 Furlongs$50,000Nomination FormNomination List
May 19, 2021Lady Slipper Stakes3 & up f/m (MN)6 Furlongs$50,000Nomination FormNomination List
May 27, 2021Honor The Hero Stakes3 & up5 Furlongs (Turf)$50,000Nomination Form
May 27, 2021HBPA Turf Distaff3 & up f/mOne Mile (Turf)$50,000Nomination Form
May 27, 2021Brooks Fields Stakes3 & upOne Mile (Turf)$50,000Nomination Form
June 23, 2021MTA Stallion Auction StakesEligible 3yo6.5 Furlongs$60,000Nomination Form
June 23, 2021Dark Star Turf Sprint3yo & up5 Furlongs (Turf)$100,000Nomination Form
June 23, 2021Lady Canterbury Stakes3 & up f/mOne Mile (Turf)$100,000Nomination Form
June 23, 2021Mystic Lake Mile3 & upOne Mile (Turf)$100,000Nomination Form
June 23, 2021Curtis Sampson Oaks3yo fOne Mile (Turf)$100,000Nomination Form
June 23, 2021Mystic Lake Derby3yoOne Mile (Turf)$150,000Nomination Form
July 14, 2021Ralph Strangis Memorial3 & up (MN)7.5 Furlongs (Turf)$50,000Nomination Form
July 14, 2021Minnesota Turf Distaff3 & up f/m (MN)7.5 Furlongs (Turf)$50,000Nomination Form
July 14, 2021Victor S. Myers Stakes3yo (MN)6 Furlongs$50,000Nomination Form
July 14, 2021Frances Genter Stakes3yo f (MN)6 Furlongs$50,000Nomination Form
August 18, 2021Minnesota Derby3yo (MN)1 Mile & 70 Yards$100,000Nomination Form Nomination List
August 18, 2021Minnesota Oaks3yo f (MN)1 Mile & 70 Yards$100,000Nomination FormNomination List
August 18, 2021Wally's Choice Stakes3 & up (MN)1 Mile & 1/16$50,000Nomination Form
August 18, 2021Glitter Star Stakes3 & up f/m (MN)1 Mile & 1/16$50,000Nomination Form
Sept. 8, 2021Northern Lights Futurity2yo (MN)6 Furlongs$100,000Nomination FormNomination List
Sept. 8, 2021Northern Lights Debutante2yo f (MN)6 Furlongs$100,000Nomination FormNomination List
Sept. 8, 2021Crocrock Minnesota Sprint3 & up (MN)6 Furlongs$100,000Nomination Form
Sept. 8, 2021Bella Notte Minnesota Distaff Sprint3 & up f/m (MN)6 Furlongs$100,000Nomination Form
Sept, 8, 2021Blair's Cove Minnesota Turf Classic3 & up (MN)1 Mile & 1/16 (Turf)$100,000Nomination Form
Sept. 8, 2021Princess Elaine Minnesota Turf Distaff Classic3 & up f/m (MN)1 Mile & 1/16 (Turf)$100,000Nomination Form
Sept. 16, 2021Tom Metzen HBPA Sprint3 & up NW Stakes6 Furlongs$50,000Nomination Form
Sept. 16, 2021Shakopee Juvenile Stakes2yo6 Furlongs$50,000Nomination Form