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The Silver Bullet (2/12/2008)

If you haven’t heard by now, Canterbury’s Kevin Gorg was involved in what could have been an extremely serious auto accident on Saturday night. Gorg’s winter gig, where he is involved in more than 100 broadcasts for Fox Sports North, took him to Baudette, MN for a 12-hour outdoor production as part of Hockey Day Minnesota. Returning home with broadcast sidekick Anthony Lapanta and another FSN employee at 9:30pm in subzero temps and howling winds Gorg encountered a two-foot snowdrift on a backroad in the middle of nowhere. Upon hitting the drift his vehicle was thrown off the road to the right and down an embankment, rolling numerous times; coming to rest some 80 yards later on its side. A Good Samaritan happened along shortly after and in the end, despite several bumps and bruises, the three were deemed okay.
However the Silver Bullet may have taken its last journey. A common response upon asking a few Canterbury regulars: “Did you hear that Gorg rolled his mini-van?” was ‘Oh no that’s terrible, is he…wait a second, you’re telling me Gorg drives a mini-van?’ Gorg was always quick to point out that it was a sport version and handled more like a European sedan than a soccer-mom’s best friend. Debatable but nonetheless that mini-van could likely drive itself to any suburban movie theater and it has never failed to find a prime parking spot in Uptown. For many, being seen stepping out of a mini-van is just a little less than macho but Gorg somehow got away with it. No more. The Silver Bullet suffered irreparable damage but served its purpose to the end keeping safe its final passengers.
The question now is how we all get to Arlingon Park next summer.