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A Novel Idea for a Racehorse

Who knows, maybe someday this particular thoroughbred will appear in a best-selling novel, assigned perhaps to literary flashbacks or streams of consciousness when the world was just starting to emerge in the young writer’s imagination. There might be scenes in which she directs the anxious horse through the next jump, reveling in the adrenaline rush […]

Wiley, The Wily One

A horse once owned by Dana Isaacson is now being used in mental health therapy after a racing career that included a victory in the Claiming Crown Iron Horse. His name is Superman Can. Local HBPA  executive director Patrice Underwood was reminded of that tale recently because she, too, has a horse once raced by […]

Three of a Kind

Jeanette Lyon was little more than a toddler the day her father returned from a trip to Kansas with a gift in the bed of his pickup truck. There, in a large pig crate, was a Shetland pony. She remembers her surprise at such a wonderful gift, but recalls other details in the time that […]

Coming to a Theater Near You

You can fire a Colt 45 not three feet from his ears and Andy won’t move a muscle, won’t even blink. He’s been like that from day one. Just don’t take him near any carnival rides. Rocksy is another matter altogether. She’s a bit more high-strung and might not be suited for the rigors of […]

A Horse for Any Course

You’re familiar with a utility player – someone able to play a number of different positions, shortstop, second base maybe outfield, too. Well, how about a utility horse. That’s right, a horse you can use for jumping one day, maybe a bit of dressage the next and then on weekends take him down the trail. Kids […]

SecretsforAshley Enjoying Rodeo

The lyrics to Hadley Murphy’s song might not fit Chris LeDoux’s lamentation of the loved one left behind while he chases the buckle every cowboy – or cowgirl – covets. The rodeo, in this instance, had to wait on Hadley. There is college, of course. Murphy is a senior at Winona State studying mathematics and […]

What’s in a Name?

The new owner of Spring Meadow Farm gave some thought to changing its name upon taking over 11 years ago, but a word of advice from an in-law put an immediate kabosh to that notion. “She told me that you never change the name of a boat,” Mary Jo Cody said.”If you do, it might sink.” […]

A Second Career for Racehorses

Early in the last century the Milwaukee and Northern Pacific railroads transported settlers intent on farming to various stops in southwestern North Dakota. It wasn’t long before many of those hopeful homesteaders discovered they’d been duped, that the Little Missouri breaks were nearly worthless for producing anything but heartaches and couldn’t provide a living for […]