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Memorial Day Winners All Wet

BY JIM WELLS On a day clearly designed for ducks, there they were…a mother and her ducklings swimming across the track near the 16th pole, ostensibly headed for the infield pond late Monday morning. A random poll of long-time race fans determined that for the first time in Canterbury history, dating to its days as […]

Weather Shortens Memorial Day Card

BY JIM WELLS The horses and riders were called back on their way to the track for Monday’s feature race when immediate storm warnings included a chance of lightening. After an afternoon of heat approaching 100 degrees, the skies over Shakopee darkened, the wind picked up and a small amount of hail pelted the grounds […]

Vets Got Support From The Krusher

BY JIM WELLS It became evident during Muhammad Ali’s funeral two years ago that he was known in several areas of the world not as a prizefighter but for his humanitarian work, his willingness to reach out to the forgotten, marginal people on the planet. A man widely regarded as the greatest heavyweight champion of […]

Cannonball Blows ‘Em Away

There was John Bullit, a horse enshrined in Canterbury Park’s Hall of Fame. There is the silver bullet, a shell capable of repelling a serious vampire threat, and there is the Human Bullet, aka David Smith, Jr., who soared 165 feet through the mist and premature gloaming Monday afternoon and into a net 20 feet […]

Agent & Rider Make a Team

Susie McBrayer had her jacket wrapped tightly around her against the spring cold as she walked the stable area Friday morning. A native of Southern California who arrived in Shakopee by way of Phoenix, McBrayer is still trying to acclimate herself to these new chilly surroundings. “I wear a jacket with a hood so I suppose […]