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Backside Tours With Mark Irving

By Lexi Mueller The backside of Canterbury Park is a mystery to thousands of fans who walk through the front doors of the park every day. The dozens of barns behind the track offer a nice view for racewatchers, but very few have been able to experience all of the unique stuff that happens behind […]

Canterbury Regulars Like More Than Horses

BY JIM WELLS Not everyone has completed their enchanted connection with the most watched television series in the world. Many are still holding up their hands to prevent comment on the conclusion when the subject is introduced. “Don’t tell me; I’m going to finish it this weekend, ” they’ll say.  “Is the ending really as […]

The Eighties Get Rained Out

By Jim Wells Friday nights  offer a special blend of racing and music and occasionally enhance the evening with a variety of promotional activities.  This time nostalgia became part of the mix. It was Eighties Night, a celebration of a decade known for a variety of bands, movies and characters, and employees from various levels […]