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Y2 Claim

By Noah Joseph 1999: a year in pop culture that soon led to reality. From the song by Prince 17 years before the event itself to the Y2K bug scare leading up to it, 1999 was a year thought about before it happened. The year was also a banner one for thoroughbred racing. From the […]

Canterbury Loses A Friend

His hip was broken in a fall earlier in the day, so he was unable to attend an induction ceremony that night he never expected to be part of and wondered why he was. Perhaps because selflessness was so ingrained in him it seemed part of his DNA. “You girls should really go to the […]

Dieguez Joins the Fold

Who knows! Maybe it was the respite from racing last summer on top of the countless suggestions from colleagues over the few years. The words from other riders who left Phoenix spring after spring and headed north to Canterbury Park. “Give it a try, give it a try. You’ll like it,” he heard countless times. […]