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Festival A Memory Maker

BY JIM WELLS Songs and poetry have used the term ad nauseum, sometimes incorporating it into titles or lyrics: “Memories” are made of this, a trip down “memory” lane. It might be put to better use in the identification of the annual celebration of Minnesota horses. How about this: Festival of Champions, a Memory Maker. […]


BY JIM WELLS   Trainers recognized something different about Art Eaton whenever they took over horses belonging to him and his wife, Gretchen. He was not a typical owner. He grew up with horses, and it was obvious. He was not a typical businessman. His word was his bond, a handshake was all that was needed, […]

Guldemann: A Founding Father

Mike Guldemann was a person many people recognized but few really knew…”Oh,’ yeah, Mike, sure. Saw him all the time.” He was an unimposing fixture at Canterbury Downs and then Canterbury Park, seldom seen on the frontside but ubiquitously present in the barns and racing office, often with a string of watches on one forearm, […]