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Makeover Proves Successful

So you think former racehorses are tied even in retirement to the track, forever awaiting the call of the starting gate, pinning their ears at the sound of the bugle, their nervous systems overcome by adrenaline and their instincts in command of their wills? Once a racehorse always a racehorse? Can’t teach an old thoroughbred […]

Retired Racehorse Makeover

It’s a moniker, a handle, an appellation, a diminutive or, just plain and simple, a name. Yet, the process by which a racehorse acquires his or hers is sometimes complex, convoluted and misunderstood. Often, the horse’s dam or sire is taken into consideration, and just as often a process never before applied results in the given […]

Puppylove at First Sight

Thoroughbreds often evoke mystery, myth and misconception for those in the horse world unfamiliar with the breed. Sometimes Suzanne Wepplo can’t believe the ideas – some approaching folklore – that she hears about this horse, particularly thoroughbreds who’ve had careers at the racetrack. The beliefs run varied and deep, although Wepplo is doing her best […]

Porsha’s Not a Porsche but Has Lotsa Horsepower

Some day, like any good cowgirl with the right amount of sand to her, Lindsay Jensen wants to gallop out of the chute at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas and circle those barrels against some of the best riders in the world. First she’s got to qualify for the National Finals Rodeo […]