A Horse for Any Course

You’re familiar with a utility player – someone able to play a number of different positions, shortstop, second base maybe outfield, too. Well, how about a utility horse. That’s right, a horse you can use for jumping one day, maybe a bit of dressage the next and then on weekends take him down the trail. Kids […]

MN Retired Racehorse Project

The list includes a mare named Revenge Tea, a gelding called Valise, another called Just One Spot. There is a dark bay mare called Hopscotch Ali. Or, race fans, remember Topper? There are six in all at the farm in Lakeville and four more ready for adoption in foster care. The lineup of animals in […]

A Barrel of Fun

He was not very fast on the race track, but plenty fast in the career that followed. He had a short, unspectacular first career, but has had an exceptionally long and illustrious second one. He was bred by Canterbury Park Hall of Fame breeder Bob Morehouse. He was owned and raced in partnership by Hall of […]

Youthful Horse Trading

When you’re 17-years old and a horse lover to boot, you’re willing to do just about anything to put a nice horse in your barn, and that’s exactly what Ashley Jonas did. The junior-to-be from St. Joseph gave up part of her weekends – to do barn chores nonetheless – in exchange for a 14-year-old […]

A Second Career for Racehorses

Early in the last century the Milwaukee and Northern Pacific railroads transported settlers intent on farming to various stops in southwestern North Dakota. It wasn’t long before many of those hopeful homesteaders discovered they’d been duped, that the Little Missouri breaks were nearly worthless for producing anything but heartaches and couldn’t provide a living for […]