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Video: Get in the Game

The season’s final episode of Canterbury Spotlight goes behind the scenes to look at racehorse ownership and racehorse breeding. The people featured in this episode are a small portion of a group that really makes racing at Canterbury special. These individuals drive the state’s racing industry by training, raising and breeding many of the horses […]

Video: The Clocker

The Clocker serves the important role of recording every daily workout that takes place on the track each and every morning during the racing season. Mark Anderson, former jockey, is serving as Canterbury’s clocker for the 2013 racing season. In the latest installment of Canterbury Spotlight, he explains what goes into tracking the works on […]

Video: The Trainers

Trainers serve as the most important individual in determining a horse’s success on the track. The trainer is responsible for all aspects of training, racing and care throughout a horse’s racing career. Additionally, they are responsible for communicating with owners, the racetrack and the media. Bernell Rhone, Canterbury Park Hall of Fame Trainer, and Amber […]

Video: The Exercise Riders

Exercise riders serve the valuable purpose of getting all horses ready to race by riding them throughout the early morning hours day in and day out. They are some of the unheralded heroes behind the success of every horse, trainer and jockey. This week’s Canterbury Spotlight checks in with Tiny Volby, an exercise rider at […]

Video: The Farriers

Farriers serve an important role in the care of equine athletes, they help keep their feet healthy. The task of the farrier is to make sure that all horses are properly shod and that any horse with bad feet is properly attended to. Listen to farrier Scott Rhone, son of trainer Bernell Rhone, discuss the […]

Video: Racing Equipment

Horses race with a variety of equipment that all serve very specific purposes. Trainer Wade Rarick helps walk you through some of the most common pieces of equipment and explains how each could be beneficial to a certain type of horse on this episode of Canterbury Spotlight. [youtube=] Video: Michelle Benson

Video: The Gate Crew

The Gate Crew serves an important function at any racetrack ensuring that all runners get off to an even, fair and – most importantly – safe start. However, the risks involved are significant. Canterbury’s starter Larry Davila explains the job his crew goes through (and the associated risks it carries) each day – both during […]

Video: The Horse Identifier

Have you ever wondered how each racehorse is identified? How can you be certain that each horse in the program matches the runner brought over from the backside? One only has to look as far as the track identifier to find the answer. Mark Bader fills that role for Canterbury Park. Here’s a look at […]

Video: The Grooms

Canterbury’s backside is home to roughly 1,500 horses. Behind each of these horses is a dedicated team that includes owners, trainers, vets, farriers and – maybe most importantly – grooms. Grooms are specifically assigned to a given number of horses – typically 5-6 – and they are their designated caregiver. Typically grooms are responsible for […]

Video: Canterbury Equine Pool

Canterbury’s equine pool is a way for trainers to provide low-impact training to their racehorses. The pool has many uses including rehabilitation as well as maintenance training. This particular type of equine pool is one of only a handful at North American racetracks and is another way that Canterbury stands out from the crowd when it comes […]