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Summer Series, Poker Is Fun Tour: How to Play the Games

PIFTThe Summer Series Poker Tournament at Canterbury Park begins July 19, and the series includes several unique events. Including some games you may not have played before.

The tournament series includes three events from the Poker Is Fun Tour (PIFT), featuring Crazy Pineapple and Winners Shown.

Full Summer Series Schedule

In addition to those two games, the Summer Series includes other fun twists on No-Limit Hold’em poker tourneys:

• Tag-Team

• Win the Button

• Big Blind Ante

Let’s run down how some of these games work.

Crazy Pineapple

Crazy Pineapple is similar to Texas Hold’em, except you are dealt three cards instead of two. After the flop action concludes, players must discard one of their cards before the turn is dealt. It’s called Crazy Pineapple for a reason!

Let’s let the PIFT crew show you how to play Crazy Pineapple.

Winners Shown

Winners Shown is just what it sounds like: the winning hand has to be shown, even if the action doesn’t make it to showdown.

The PIFT team also has a video about how to play Winners Shown.


Tag-Team tournaments have been around Canterbury Park for a while, but if you aren’t familiar, here’s how it works.

Teams of two play the event, but each player alternates who sits at the table during each blind level. It’s a great way to get involved with friends in a tournament setting.

Win the Button

In our Win the Button tournaments, the player who wins the pot will receive the button on the next hand.

This structure can create plenty of action, with the added value of securing the button after you take down a pot.

Big Blind Ante

You’ve probably heard about poker tournaments moving to having the big blind ante for the table instead of individual players. Now you can try it out at Canterbury Park!

Summer Series/Poker Is Fun Tour

You can find the entire tournament schedule on the Canterbury Park website.

There will also be satellite events available, so you can play your way into the $250 buy-in Winners Shown event on July 21:
-Thursday, July 19, 6:30 p.m. – $65 Satellite (20% win voucher into July 21 Winners Shown event)
-Friday, July 20, 12:30 p.m. – $65 Satellite (20% win voucher into July 21 Winners Shown event)

Get some fun back into your game and play in Canterbury Park’s Summer Series, running July 19-29.