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by Angela Hermann

We’re always looking for an angle. The inside track if you will. Well, we’ve been hearing a lot about the rail and the unusual number of winners coming from it lately. I took a closer profile of the winners from the one hole and this is what they look like:

Though there have been a total of 16 winners from the rail, there have not been an abundance of prices. Also, keep in mind – Three of these winners did not draw the rail, but scratched into it. Four winners have been rained off the turf and simply have taken advantage of scratch-riddled fields of turf horses. Humble Smarty is the notable exception among those, as the horse most likely would have dominated on dirt, turf, mud or broken glass. Basically, speed on the rail has been dangerous. Speed on the rail is usually live, especially in Shakopee.

So before you empty your pockets on the one horse….make sure there’s some early speed in your selection! Best of luck to all – May all your wagers be winners.