Ultimate NHC Qualifier

The top two players will receive entry to the National Horseplayers Championship (NHC) to be held in Las Vegas in February 2020.


Joe Gauthier    $2,833    NHC entry
Andrew Carlson   $1,960    NHC entry

Entry Fee and Live Bankroll: $500 total of which $400 is live bankroll and $100 is entry fee.

Format: Entrants must wager at least one-half of existing bankroll on each of six Canterbury Park races.

Official Rules

To be eligible to win an NHC entry, contest participants must be registered NHC Tour members prior to the start of tournament play. NHC Tour membership has a $50 annual fee and players can register prior to play on Sept. 6 but it is recommended they sign-up in advance at www.ntra.com.


Year Name Winning Bankroll
2018 Terry Severson
Jay Lietzau
2017 Brian Chenvert
Mike Ferrozzo
2016 Charlie Davis $2,660.00
Kristi Shoop $1,955.20
2015 Dan Flanigan $3,328.50
John Fisher $2,952.60
2014 Dan Flanigan $4,302.30
Frank Mustari $2,838.50



Winning Combination

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