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Northern Stars Handicapping Contest

Win up to $4,000 cash in the Northern Star Handicapping Contest on Saturday, June 22!

Brian Tomala  $1,431.60 bankroll
JustinRevak $871.60 bankroll
Rick Dahl   $853.90
Brian Kubik   $719.50

The Contest:
The Canterbury Park Northern Stars Handicapping Contest is a one-day handicapping contest held at Canterbury Park, Shakopee, Minn. on Saturday, June 22, 2019.

First prize is $4,000 in cash and an entry to the Sept. 6 Ultimate NHC Qualifier ($550 value). Second through fourth place receive entry to the Sept. 6 Ultimate NHC Qualifier. The contest will not begin before 5:00 p.m.

Live Bankroll / No Entry Fee : $500 used for live betting bankroll.
Format:  Entrants must wager at least one-half of existing bankroll on each of six pre-determined Canterbury Park races on June 22, 2019.

CONTEST RACES – Canterbury races 4 through 9


Prize Structure:
Winners will be determined by final bankroll.
The player with the largest bankroll following the final contest race will receive $4,000 in cash and an entry to the Sept. 6 Ultimate NHC Qualifier ($550 value).
Second through fourth place receive entry to the Sept. 6 Ultimate NHC Qualifier.
All players keep their final bankroll at the end of the contest.
BONUS PRIZE:  any MRC licensed individual, not employed by Canterbury Park, will receive a $1,000 cash bonus if they finish in first place. (Please check with contest staff in advance for eligibility)

Wagering Format:
Races to be used will be six Canterbury Park races run June 22, 2019.  Contest start time will not be prior to 6:00 p.m. Races will be announced by June 20.
Players must bet on all six contest races.
Each player must bet at least half of his/her current bankroll on each race. Example: first contest race total bet must be at least $250 (half of $500 starting bankroll). If player cashes that race for $2,500 making his/her current bankroll $2,750, the next contest race wager be at least $1,375.
Any bet offered WITHIN any of the races is allowed.
Any combination of bets can be made: win, place, show, exacta, trifecta, superfecta.
No multi race wagers ie pick 3s, pick 4s, pick 5s or daily doubles.
Players must bet all six contest races, and each race bet, the total MUST be at least half their current bankroll or they will be disqualified from receiving any prizes. Players may wager more than half of the existing bankroll.
In the event of a scratch after the player has wagered: all scratched monies will be refunded after the race is official and the player’s bet will be counted as a race wagers, even if the scratch brings the player’s total below the mandatory half bankroll wager.
If a player cashes a ticket with IRS withholdings, only the net amount will count in this tournament.

Wagering Structure:
Players must wager at least one-half of their existing bankroll each contest race. The first contest wager will total no less than $250. The minimum amount of the second contest wager will depend on the existing bankroll after first contest wager is official. In all cases the wager must total at least one-half of the existing bankroll.

If a bankroll totals an uneven number or is not an exact dollar amount, the bankroll must be rounded up to the nearest even-numbered dollar amount and at least half that amount will be the required wager for the next race. For example if a bankroll is $25 the amount of the contest wager will be at least $13 ($25 rounded up to $26 and divided in half).

There are no caps on payouts in this tournament.
The contest winners will be determined by total bankrolls.
All wagers will be audited at conclusion of tournament to verify winners.
See rules regarding scratches above.
All playing and betting disputes will be resolved by Canterbury Park officials.

2018 Results

1-      Mike Yurczyk     $2,703.70

2-      Brian Arrigoni     $2,249.00

3-      Jen Perkins         $1,968.90

4-      Crystal Tamala   $    584.85


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