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Dog Race Day Registration

Registration and Event Dates for all of our Corgi, Basset Hound, and Wiener Dog Races!

Register your pooch for one of our special dog race days!

Our races are a casual competition intended to provide entertainment for our horse racing customers. Races consist of one owner holding the dog at the starting line and another owner standing about 30 yards away at the finish line (often with a special treat/toy).

Each breed will have 2 days of racing, each day consists of 6 heats with 12 dogs per heat. The top two dogs from each heat will move forward to the championship race, which will occur on Labor Day, September 6th, at our Best in Show Day!

Corgi Dog Races – August 1 and August 22
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Basset Hound Races – August 8 and August 29
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Wiener Dog Races – August 15 and September 5
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In order to complete registration and to be in compliance with state veterinarian policies, please provide Canterbury Park with the following veterinary documents:
• Current Rabies Certificate with an expiration date (Vaccine must be current within one or three years depending on vaccine given)
• “Kennel Cough” vaccine (Bordatella bronchiseptica) (Vaccines must be current within one year)
• Combo vaccine to include: Canine Distemper, Infectious Canine Hepatitis, Adenovirus and Canine Parvovirus; (Vaccines must be current within one year)


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