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Pick Five Added to Wagering Menu

When action resumes Thursday, there will be two changes to the bets being offered: One new wager and a change to an existing wager.

A Pick 5 wager will be added to the menu. The base bet is 50 cents. The Pick 5 will include the final five races each day.  Just like the Pick 4, if there are no tickets with all five winners, half of the pool will carry over to the next racing day. Here are the details:

50 cent Pick 5:

· Final five races of each race card

· This will operate similar to the Pick 4 in that if no one has all five winners, 50 percent carries over and 50 percent is paid to those tickets that have the most winners.

· This is NOT a jackpot wager.

· Takeout rate is 18 percent.


For those that have never played the Pick 5 (or Pick 3 and 4 for that matter) the cost of the bet is determined by the number of horses used in each leg. If you simply use one horse in each leg of the wager, the total cost is 50 cents. As you add horses, your chance of hitting the bet increases, as does the cost of the bet.

The cost is determined by wagering the number of horses used in the first leg by the number used in the second. That total is then multiplied by the number of horses used in the third leg. Then the total is multiplied by the fourth leg and then the fifth. Multiply that final by .5 to get the cost.

For example if you use two horses in each leg:

2 x 2 = 4
4 x 2 = 8

8 x 2= 16

16 x 2 =32

32 x .5 = 16    wager costs $16

To win, one of the horses must win in each leg of the wager.

The Turf Top 5 (pentafecta) is offered in turf races and requires the winner to select the order of finish of the top five horses. Prior to Thursday, if no ticket had the top five in order, the pool would be divided between those tickets that had the most correct in order.  Beginning Thursday, if no ticket has the top five, 50 percent of the pool will carry over to the next Turf Top 5 wager and 50 percent will be paid to the tickets with the most correct.

50 cent Turf Top 5:

· A carryover provision is being added where 50 percent of the pool carries if there are no tickets with all five places correct.

· The carryover will go to the next race on which a Turf Top 5 is offered.

· The 50 percent not carried over will be paid to those with the most correct (i.e. first 4, first 3, first 2 or first finisher).

Game Type Tables Waiting
2-100 SL Holdem41
3-6 Kill Holdem31
8-16 Kill Holdem21
20-40 Holdem11
50-100 Holdem11
10-20 MIX13
2-100 SL OMAHA11
5-100 SL OMAHA02