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Patience/Seeking value is key

Have you found yourself tapped out before the races you really wanted to wager on have even started? Unfortunately, too many horseplayers share this trait. Three simple rules of thumb can help eliminate this bankroll-destroying pattern:
1) Scan over pp’s and form a game plan targeted for value before arriving at the track; too many distractions once trackside.
2) If your plays are run later in the day, don’t arrive until late in the day. No need to be tempted by all the action you really don’t have strong opinions/lack value.
3) Stick to your plan; can’t tell you how times I see last minute wagering adjustments that don’t pan out.

Most horseplayer’s bankrolls survive only by consistent winning (unless you are someone like Steven Crist) + smaller tracks such as CBY will sadly only survive if their players churn.

by Jason Ige

Game Type Tables Waiting
2-100 SL Holdem32
3-6 Kill Holdem23
8-16 Kill Holdem15
20-40 Holdem11
40-80 MIX11
2-100 SL OMAHA03
5-100 SL OMAHA03
40-80 Holdem02
50-100 Holdem01