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Paul Allen and Mike Zimmer, own a horse

Own a Racehorse with Paul Allen and Mike Zimmer

Ever wanted to own a racehorse that runs at Canterbury Park? Better still, how about owning one in partnership with track announcer Paul Allen and football coach Mike Zimmer?

We are looking for eight people to start a partnership called The Double A Gap Group, each contributing $5,000*. In this exclusive partnership, open only to first-time owners, you will get the complete ownership experience, sharing the fun with Paul Allen and Mike Zimmer while sharing the cost and risk with seven other partners. Spend time at Canterbury Park with Allen and Zimmer when the horse races. Visit your horse in the stable area and learn more about ownership.

Double A Gap Partnership Agreement

Paul Allen and Mike Zimmer own a racehorse• $5,000 partnership investment
• Paul Allen will manage the partnership, with input from all partners.
• No further financial commitment will be required of the partners
• Your horse will be trained by Robertino Diodoro, nationally known and training leader at Canterbury in 2018
• Double A Gap Group partnership ends no later than Dec. 31, 2019
• Remaining funds distributed pro-rata to the eight partners with 20 percent going to the Mike Zimmer Foundation and Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance.

Being part of the Double A Gap Group is like owning your own sports team.

• Watch your athlete perform
• Get special access to the stables, paddock, etc.
• Opportunity for financial return if horse performs well
• Do none of the hard work and share the risk while enjoying the excitement
•This unique opportunity will be limited to eight participants. Spots will fill quickly!

Contact Jeff Maday at or 952-496-6408.

Partnership Budget

(Expense estimates for Canterbury meet; does not include potential winnings.)

Horse purchase – $15,000

Training (6 months) – $14,500

Vet (6 months) – $5,500

Other (farrier, pony to post, etc.) – $1,400

Hospitality (partnership party) – $1,000

Partnership Tax Return – $1,000

Licensing – $1,000

Miscellaneous – $600

Total investment – $40,000

Double A Gap Partners FAQs

How much money can I afford to allocate to horse ownership?

Having a budget and developing a level of investment you are comfortable with is the primary consideration in determining the most appropriate means of becoming an owner. While it is possible to make money investing in race horses, horse ownership comes with significant risk and you should not invest more than you are comfortable with losing.

What happens at the end of the Canterbury Park live racing season?

The partnership may end on Sept. 14, 2019, at the end of the Canterbury live meet. However, depending on the performance of the horse and remaining cash available, Paul Allen and Robertino Diodoro may decide to extend the racing partnership to another track in the fall. The partnership will end no later than Dec. 31, 2019, at which time the horse will be sold and all proceeds distributed. See agreement for complete details.

Will partners be subject to cash calls to pay training or other expenses?

As indicated in the budget above, the initial $5,000 investment will be adequate to cover the purchase of a horse and all expenses through the end of the Canterbury Park race meet. Thus no additional investment will be required of partners.

What can I expect to gain from my experience?

How does socializing with a wonderful network of new friends including Paul Allen and Mike Zimmer, hours of unsurpassed entertainment, and a chance to experience the thrill of victory sound?

Double A Gap Partnership Agreement

*Participants must be eligible for licensing by Minnesota Racing Commission.