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Johnnie Jamison

Johnnie Jamison 1956-2020

Johnnie Jamison passed away on October 13.  The name may not be familiar to those not integrally involved in the horse racing industry. It need not have been. In Johnnie’s line of work, anonymity in the public arena could be considered a sign of success.  He was an expert in the science of the racetrack surface.

Johnnie cared for the earth under the horses’ hooves.

He was a track superintendent by occupation; at Canterbury, Sunland and other places throughout his life. The wealth of knowledge and expertise in surface safety that he leaves behind will not be forgotten by those that learned from him. Those that did will demand the same level of care, to the benefit of the industry. “It’s all about safety. I will not compromise safety,” he said after accepting the responsibility at Canterbury two years ago.

Johnnie is survived by wife Kimber, his children, family members and countless friends. Read more about his life here: