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Interesting Hands from the Ultimate $100K

As players stared each other down Friday, Sept. 29, for a shot at $100,000 in prize money, plenty of interesting hands developed during Canterbury Park’s Ultimate $100K No-Limit Hold’em Tournament.

The event saw six flights of players in the week leading up to the Day 2 finale. We asked a few of the players to recount their more memorable hands.

Let’s take a look at some of the action.

Hand 1

At the outset of Day 2, Todd Fisher found himself on the button with 2-2.

With the blinds at 5,000/2,500, a middle position player opened with a 3X raise. The cutoff called, as did Fisher, and the big blind came along, making it four-way action to the flop.

Fisher flopped a full house: Q-Q-2. The player who initially raised before the flop then led out for 10,000 and the player in the cutoff position raised to 25,000.

Fisher decided on jamming his remaining stack, which was about 90,000 to start the hand. The big blind and middle-position player both folded, and the post-flop raiser called, showing K-Q.

The turn was an 8, but the river was a K, leaving Fisher’s full house second best.

Despite losing the bulk of his stack, Fisher was able to grind back to about 95,000 in chips at the break. The Arlington, Minn., resident said he just wanted to build his stack a bit more, “So I can play some real poker.”

Hand 2

Mike Houck, of Victoria, Minn., recalled a couple of memorable hands during the first Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 7.00.11 AMbreak of Day 2 of the Ultimate $100K.

The first was fairly straightforward. After folding to a big stack the previous hand, Houck ran A-A into that same player’s K-K. The aces held up and Houck had doubled through.

The next hand Houck said was more indicative of where he is as a player than the cards themselves. With A-K in the hole, Houck made a raise of 3X the big blind. Another player came over the top with a large re-raise.

Mulling over his options, and reflecting on his overall game, Houck decided on a fold, and felt it was the right move in that particular spot.

Hand 3

Sitting on one of the larger stacks at the first break, Loki Abboud was UTG+2 and opened the pot with J-J. Another player flat called.

The flop came : Jc, 7c, 2h, giving Abboud top set. He opted for a check, and the other player bet out 45,000. Abboud chose to slow-play and called.

The turn was the Ac, and Abboud shoved, getting a snap call from his opponent, who rolled over A-J.

Abboud, of Mendota Heights, Minn., said he was really only concerned about the other player having A-A or Kc-Qc. But having played with him before, Abboud said he thought his hand was good.


Canterbury Park’s Ultimate $100K No-Limit Hold’em tournament paid out 80 places, with first place taking home $18,000. Follow @CanterburyCards on Twitter for the full results.

By Kris Janisch