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Gorg's Oscar Odds for the 88th Academy Awards


This Sunday evening the Hollywood elite assemble to slap themselves on the back and pass out the Oscars for the 88th time. Celebrating the year’s best films is a time honored tradition whether you are simply curious to see the stars walk the red carpet or if you, and why wouldn’t you?, have an investment in the outcome.

Kevin Gorg can challenge anyone for top honors in average weekly theater visits. Gorg’s idea of a vacation is to find the nearest theater and a box of popcorn, and because of that definition, vacations three times each week. Of course he has an opinion about every film he has viewed and willingly shares. Prior to each Academy Award ceremony features Gorg’s Oscar Odds to assist with those involved in an office pool.

Last year Gorg led the subscribers astray when he made eventual Oscar winning film Birdman 50 to 1 and declared “it has zero chance of winning.” (Evidently a certain track announcer must have been reading as he was willing to take the film  American Sniper at 4 to 1 odds and give the willing participant, who incidentally has yet to be paid, the rest of the field.)

Gorg will not make that same mistake this year. He has zeroed in on the locks of the evening. Enjoy!

Best Supporting Actress:
Alicia Vikander – The Danish Girl 4/5
Kate Winslet – Steve Jobs 5/2
Rooney Mara – Carol 5-1
Jennifer Jason-Leigh – The Hateful Eight   25-1
Rachel McAdams – Spotlight 50-1

Best Supporting Actor:
Sly Stallone 2/5
Mark Rylance – Bridge of Spies 7/2
Tom Hardy – The Revenant 15-1
Christian Bale – The Big Short 25-1
Mark Ruffalo – Spotlight 40-1

Best Actor:
Leonardo DiCaprio – The Revenant 1/9
Bryan Cranston – Trumbo 25-1
Eddie Redmayne – The Danish Girl 35-1
Michael Fassbender – Steve Jobs 50-1
Matt Damon – The Martian 100-1


The Revenant (6/5) this was a terrific movie carried by a brilliant performance by Leo as the lead. Should win many awards including this one.

Spotlight (5/2) great story and a deep cast make this movie a solid contender. Would be no surprise to see this one take the top prize.

The Big Short (9/2) outstanding combo of depressing storyline and witty humor really had an amazing story to tell…value player and has a fair shot at the gold statue.

Brooklyn (8-1) this was my personal favorite. Might not have enough national buzz but I absolutely loved this movie. I’m pulling for this one but might not have enough steam around it.

Mad Max: Fury Road (25-1) pretty impressive that this movie is even up for the award – fun picture with tons of action and well worth the trip to the theatre.

Room (50-1) heartfelt story with many layers – one of those movies that tugs at your heartstrings – not a ton of national buzz but still one to consider.

Field 25-1


the big short