We put the fun in fundraising

Nominated as one of the TOP 100 Workplaces of 2014, Canterbury Park will provide a fun and rewarding environment to raise funds for your group or organization. The more people you encourage to participate, the more money you can raise!

  • Eligibility

    The program is open to any non-profit organization with or without a 501(c) (3) status with similar values as Canterbury Park.  All workers must be at least 14 years of age and working adult chaperones are required.  Proof of age will be required to work. Canterbury Park will accept requests throughout the year but the primary time to fundraise is during live racing (May – September).

    Group’s that are NOT Eligible:

    • For-profit organizations
    • Religious groups utilizing donations for fundraising events or activities with a specific   religious purpose.
    • Political parties or organizations with a specific political agenda.
    • Any organization that discriminates due to color, sex, nationality, sexual orientation or creed.
  • Wages

    Each member of the group will receive an hourly wage up to $15.00/per hour. We prefer a minimum of 5 volunteers per group, but are willing to accommodate smaller commitments.

    *Groups may qualify for an end of year bonus if all commitments are fulfilled.

  • Jobs
    • Food and Beverage Opportunities and Duties:
      • Food Stands (Building Wide)
        • Assembly line type work, high guest interaction.
      • Wait Assistants Support (Club Level Tiers)
        • Assist Canterbury Park Servers and Food Runners with delivering food to tables and clearing tables.
        • Assisting staff in ‘resetting the club level tiers’ for next race day.
    • Guest Services Opportunities and Duties:
      • Ticket Takers
        • No cash handling, primarily stand and take admission tickets from guest.
      • Ushers
        • Showing guests to their reserved seats.
    • Marketing Opportunities and Duties:
      • Checking in dogs for races on premium days.
      • Assisting in distribution of merchandise on giveaway days.
  • Typical Day

    Each group will arrive prior to event and report to the Reception Desk to sign in, receive work assignment and uniform from a designated Manager. The Manager will then give the group some essential information for the day; such as the location of restrooms, general layout of our facility and his or her expectations for the day.  A typical day will be between 6-8 hours depending on the event and business need.

  • Appearance Expectations
    • Black or khaki dress pants. No jeans or yoga pants.
    • A visor and shirt will be provided to you by a Manager.
    • Wear comfortable shoes. No open toed shoes or sandals.
    • No gum chewing.

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