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Track Improvements Fall 2018 1

Extensive Track Improvements Now Complete

Following the 2018 live racing meet that concluded in September, Canterbury Park hosted AMA Motorcycle Flat Track racing. Preparation for the motorcycle races exposed the base of the main track surface, which provided an opportunity for more extensive track work following those races this fall.

Below, a photo journal explains the process of renovating and resetting the limestone base to the original elevations as constructed in 1985 when Canterbury Downs opened. This was a large and precise project undertaken by Hentges & Sons using current technologies that required all of the time that Mother Nature allowed before a premature winter.

Substantial improvements to the overall condition of the base were made, reestablishing the proper elevations. This will lead to improved performance when the 2019 horse racing season begins. Additional information about the project, including print materials with additional photographs, will be disseminated after Thanksgiving.

Track Improvements Fall 2018 1
Following motorcycle racing, graders removed affected portions of the limestone base getting down to the redrock.
Track Improvements Fall 2018 2
Material was moved via GPS-controlled equipment to reestablish the limestone base at the elevations used in 1985 during the original construction of Canterbury Downs.
Track Improvements Fall 2018 3
The limestone base was then heavily watered and rolled to fully pack it back down to its hard consistency.
Track Improvements Fall 2018 4
After completion of the base on the outside ¾ of the track, the black dirt was graded off the inside ¼ of the oval in order to repair the inside running lanes.
Track Improvements Fall 2018 5
The same process was repeated on the base of the inside of the racetrack after the crown was reestablished and the turns elevated.
Track Improvements Fall 2018 6
The running surface was thoroughly mixed and moved back into place following the complete renovation of the base.
Track Improvements Fall 2018 8
Rollers thoroughly packed the running surface after it was moved back into position.
Track Improvements Fall 2018 9
The complete renovation was finished just in time for an early winter surprise.