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Come on now……

I received an email invitation this morning to complete an online poll for Thoroughbred Times. It was a ‘best of’ poll. All was well until I came across Question 20 about best simulcast analyst. I have included the list below…… NO Kevin Gorg???? come on man. I realize we are a small time track but looking at this list, without naming names, how many would you rate as better than Gorg? I’m not talking only handicapping, but the total presentation. He is an entertainer. I may be biased, but I have tried doing that job so I have a strong inkling of what good actually is (which I am not)….. In the big picture, no one really cares but I sometimes wonder if anyone is watching in this industry…… Gorg should have at least made the list of options……… jm

20. Who is your favorite simulcast analyst?
Mike Battaglia
Jason Blewitt
Elissa Blowe
Jill Byrne
Frank Carulli
John Englehardt
Margo Flynn
Kurt Hoover
John Lies
Katie Mikolay
Ron Nicoletti
Jessica Pacheco
Jessica Paquette
Rich Ruda
Andy Serling
Brad Thomas
Terry Wallace
Maggie Wolfendale