Duke (#11) defeats Louie in Canterbury Park Wiener Dog Wars
Duke (#11) defeats Louie in Canterbury Park Wiener Dog Wars

There just might be a dynasty being built in Shakopee, and the fellow building it is no one with whom you want to duke it out.

He is, in fact, Duke, a 3-year-old  who raced for the third straight year in the Canterbury competition. He was first in 2013, third last year, and on Monday he won another championship, outduking Louie and Coco in the finals.

Duke is not a Dachshund that needs much motivation, and he doesn’t train for competition either. “He likes to play in the backyard,” is the way his owners, Mike, Sonya, Michael and Nicole Wrona of Vadnais Heights put it.

Duke doesn’t require a special training diet, either. He generally eats what he likes. “He’s a food hound,” said Mike. “He likes his dog food and his treats.”

“Believe me it’s all in the luck of the draw,” Sony said.

The Wronas were wearing their lucky t-shirts as they entered the winner’s circle, emblazoned with a very simple description. “Team Duke.”

Louie, owned by Dan and Mary Krosschell, finished second for the second straight year. He trains running against another dog in the family in the backyard, competing against their Beagle, Elsie.

Coco, the third-place finisher is owned by Claire Spano.


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