The Canterbury Pick Four — An Overlay

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A prominent local handicapper provided with the data below which indicates the Canterbury 50 cent pick four has provided tremendous value the first three weekends of racing.

In comparison to what the parlay would have paid, the pick four on average has paid 98 percent more. The fictional parlay is calculated by using a 50 cent base bet on the first winner of the series and then rolling the result into the next winner and then the next and the next.  There have been 20 pick fours thus far and just three have paid less than the parlay calculation.  The largest overlay was the May 30 late P4 which paid $5,000, 618 percent more than the parlay.

The depth of the fields which is a result of the larger purses and higher quality racing likely is a reason.   And that reason might be cause for you to take a long look at the pick four!


Average Payout (P4) 98% higher than the parlay
Average Early Payout (P4) 84%  higher than the parlay
Average  Late Payout (P4) 111%  higher than the parlay
Largest % Payout (P4) 618% May 30 Late P4


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