Ultimate Overlay Tournament

Tournament players – You’re not going to believe this! I could start by saying we’re doing a $130 buy-in tournament that has a guaranteed prize pool of $100,000 and is limited to 750 players. If that wasn’t enough of an overlay, a local tournament player is playing in the $1,000,000 buy-in The Big One for One Drop poker tournament at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas and wants to throw a party for his Canterbury Park poker buddies with his winnings.

Here’s the deal – Canterbury Park will be hosting a tournament beginning on Monday, October 1, with a prize pool that will equal 10% of his winnings in the tournament. The first place for that tournament is estimated to be $17,000,000.00. Here’s the math on that, 10% = $1,700,000 in prize money if he happens to win that tournament (and although we’ve seen him play, we know that he COULD get lucky and win this thing) for your $130 buy-in.

The registration opens on June 1 and will close at the 750th player. Of each $130 buy-in, $100 will go to a charity assisting the horsemen and jockeys. And again – The prize pool will be guaranteed at $100,000, with a possibility of much, much more.

With such a small buy-in and the potential for such a huge prize pool, this tournament truly is, The Ultimate Overlay.

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This blog was written by Canterbury’s Senior Director of Card Club Operations Michael Hochman.

Gov. Dayton Signs Gaming Legislation

On Friday, May 4, Gov. Mark Dayton signed HF 2975 in law. This legislation enhances Minnesota’s existing Card Clubs by allowing for a series of changes to their operations. First, this law allows the number of tables in Minnesota’s card rooms to increase from a limit of 50 to a limit of 80. Additionally, it increases the poker bet limit from $60 to $100. Furthermore, the legislation also removes limits on the number of poker tournaments Card Clubs can conduct, as well as limits on the number of tables used in these tournaments.

In addition, the legislation allows card games played in existing Card Clubs to be “banked” card games. In a separate provision, the amended law establishes a framework for the possible implementation of simulcasting of horse races at existing casinos throughout Minnesota.

Read the full press release at www.canterburypark.com