Top 5 Reasons to Come to Extreme Race Day at Canterbury Park

Extreme Day Camels

1.      The Great Camelbury Dash “Debate”

·         In the most anticipated “race” of the season, Donald Hump and Hilary Camelton go head to head in a battle of speed and spit Saturday, July 16. Will Donald Hump be able to make racing great again or will he hit a wall? While Hilary Camelton is the only female in the race, will she be able to take down Donald Hump with her major sass? The only way to find out is to witness this major debacle this Saturday at Canterbury Park.  Plus, be sure to get here early as each of these popular camel candidates will be on display to the public before their big race.


2.      The Zonkey is Loose

·         Have you ever seen a cross between a zebra and a donkey? You will this Saturday at Canterbury Park. This hybrid animal is often referred to as a zebonkey, zebrinny, zebrass, zedonk or as we refer to it as “the  Zonkey”. This gray striped mixed breed is always a big contender in the Zooming Zebra race on extreme day and nothing gives you a good laugh like hearing the excitement in Paul Allen’s voice as he calls out “The Zonkey is Loose”!

Extreme Day Zebras


3.      The “Birds” are Back in Town

·         It’s been two years since we’ve seen these large flightless birds take to the track. Last year, due to the bird flu epidemic, the ostrich races were on hiatus, but we’ve been given the green light.   The ostrich races are the most entertaining races of the day.   Ostriches are the fastest running bird, sprinting up to 43 mph.   They say birds of the feather flock together, but not these big birds.

Extreme Day Ostrich

4.      Battle of The Surfaces

·         Battle of the Surfaces is race six and features both dirt horses and turf horses in one pari-mutuel race.   Twelve turf horses will compete on the turf track against seven dirt horses on the main track – all racing simultaneously! Better get your handicapping hat on; this 19 horse field is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.


5.      Family Fun Activities

·         If camels, ostrich and zebras aren’t enough to sway you to come play this Saturday…we have plenty of FREE family activities such as pony rides, a petting zoo, and face painting.  Plus, stick around after the final horse race for Old Dutch Kids Race the Track. All kids will receive a special prize for participating and they burn off any remaining energy for the car ride home. Did we mention that kids 17 and under receive free admission? and not just on Extreme Day, but every race day!

Extreme Race Day Saturday, July 16