Racehorse Owners: Canterbury Racing Club 2018

By Rebecca Roush

After forming in 2009, the Canterbury Racing Club became the first of its kind. Since then several tracks around the country are hosting similar clubs. The idea behind this club is to pair racing fans with racehorse ownership in a casual, educational and inexpensive way.

There are nearly 185 participants in the Racing Club this year. In order to claim and care for the horses, each member is asked to put up $250 at the beginning of the year. When the year comes to a close, the horses could be claimed, or the club may choose to sell them privately and the leftover money and winnings is divided amongst the members.

The club has seen much success over the years, racing at least one or two horses each summer at Canterbury Park. In 2009 the club won with the first horse they ran, Tahitian Queen. They have seen a winner every year since except for 2010. Their best year was in 2014, when they won six races. From a total of 78 starts over the 10 year span, the Club has had 24 wins – over 30%.

The Canterbury Racing Club currently has two horses, Mr. Ark and I Never Give Up, both in training with Nevada Litfin.

Club members often get together on race days and enjoy backside tours of the grounds. Throughout its history, many past members have gone on to purchase horses individually or through partnerships with other owners.

The club offers the opportunity for new members to join each year. To find out how you can join in the excitement of ownership, go to Canterburyracingclub.com.