Marabel Nova is the Minnesota HBPA Groom of the Week

Marabel Nova

Marabel Nova works for  trainer Tony Rengstorf, grooming six horses.

Rengstorf nominated Marabel because she does an excellent job grooming and taking care of those horses which include Lady Hideaway, Little Instigator, Stay My Favorite, That Would Be Nice, Twoko Bay and Zoe’s Delight.

Another quality of Marabel that Rengstorf appreciates is that she has such a happy and positive attitude each day due, in large part, to her love for the horses.

Marabel will be recognized in a winner’s circle presentation following Thursday’s second race.

Each week the Minnesota HBPA celebrates a Groom of the Week, honoring those behind the scenes that make racing possible.

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  1. Thank you for focusing attention on the grooms who are essential to this whole business. They work long hours and have high levels of responsibility for the horses. A good groom makes for a happy horse… and a successful one!

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