Dark Star Leaves WCCO

Fans of real radio lost a friend yesterday when Dark Star took a buy-out and left WCCO 830.

The Pioneer Press headlined the news this way: Dark Star, WCCO-AM’s late-night, homespun gambler’s friend, cashes out

He was that and more. For those of us that love horseracing he was the only radio voice that treated it like the sport that it is. He gave our game the reverence it deserves. When Dark conversed with regular guests Ed Bowen and Steve Davidowitz they were able to draw on years of knowledge, putting racing in perspective.

Radio is changing and it ain’t for the better, folks. There is little room anymore for brilliance and entertainment. I stood outside WCCO’s studio yesterday morning with Dark as we discussed his career and radio in general. He always referred to it as “the theater of the mind.” Reference the greats like Cannon, Yates, Mischke, and Dark. Real radio.
It used to be that. Now it has been taken over by the masters of the obvious. I don’t get it. “With all due respect,” Dark said to me, “You’re too old. They don’t want you. They want the 29 year-old in Crystal.”
The ‘CCO we grew up with is changing. N0 longer live and local 24/7. WCCO is a legacy. It should be treated that way. That Dark lasted as long as he did in corporate America is a tribute to his ability.

Dark will still be at Canterbury and his TV show still airs weekly on 23.

One thought on “Dark Star Leaves WCCO”

  1. all of the local ststions are changing and it really stinks. the people they are bringing in don't now anything about us and what works. there is nothing to listen to any more. I loved all of it and i truely miss it. especially fun was Dark's sign off with John Gordon'you knew you were in the twin cities. another thing Chad Hartman does not have a radio voice or personality. but we know why he's where he is,

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