Chasing the Dream: An NHC Odyssey Part 7

National Handicapping Championship

The Dog Days Satellite was held Saturday. Both Bruce and Super Stats Dave took part  –   one fared well, the other, not so much.


Here are the results:

Bruce Meyer     2352 Dog Days entry + 3 HOY points
Ray Davis    (double qualified previously for Dog Days) 2127      2 HOY points
Pat Larson       1875 Dog Days entry
Pat Larson         1770 Dog Days entry
Pamela Kight       1615 Dog Days entry
Michael Tomatz       1577 Dog Days entry
Ron White            1553 Dog Days entry
Andrew Carlson           1525 Dog Days entry
Ray Hassan           1461 Dog Days entry

One thought on “Chasing the Dream: An NHC Odyssey Part 7”

  1. Great video, I’m glad to see I’m not alone in the roller coaster highs and lows of the contest. The key to the contest is picking competitive races that force you to dig deep to score and Jeff deserves credit for that.

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