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An Open Letter from Racino Now

An Open Letter to All Minnesota Racing Fans –

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A poll that appeared in the January 13, 2010 edition of the St. Paul Pioneer Press showed that 68% of Minnesotans are in favor of racinos at the state’s racetracks. This information supplements other polls that were conducted by the St. Paul Pioneer Press and Minneapolis Star Tribune in April of 2003 that showed 70% of Minnesotans were in favor of a racino at Canterbury Park. Racinos have nearly a decade of strong public support.

Racinos have nearly a decade of overwhelming citizen support. It’s time the government gave the citizens what they wanted and you can help!

Currently, a very select few benefit from Minnesota’s casino gambling industry. If racinos are legalized, the state can capitalize on this popular form of entertainment and support a substantial statewide horse industry at the same time. The creation of racinos within the state would create many new jobs while keeping thousands of existing jobs in state.

How to Help the Racino Effort:

1. Write Your Representatives: Our website now offers you the ability to send a letter to your representatives voicing your support for racinos in one easy step. We’ve even taken the time to write a letter for you. Simply send the letter we’ve already written or feel free to make your own changes and voice your own opinion as to why Minnesotans deserve racinos. Click Here to go to our website and send a letter.

2. Send a Letter to the Editor of Your Local Paper: Additionally, our website gives you the ability to send a letter to the editor of any newspaper in the state (and up to five newspapers at a time!). This portion of our website allows you to select your newspapers at the top of the page and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “compose message” to write your letter and explain to a portion of the population why racinos need to be implemented this year. Click Here to write a letter to the editor of your favorite paper(s).

3. Spread the Word: Get your friends involved in the effort by encouraging them to sign up and support the cause. Click Here to send a short message to your friends encouraging them to go to Racino Now’s website and sign up as a supporter.

4. Get the Gear: Racino Now gear is now available for purchase. Help the effort by walking around and showing your support at the same time. Purchase Items Here.

5. Join the Conversation on Facebook & Twitter: Racino Now has a following on twitter and facebook. Click on the respective link to be directed to our pages. We have two pages on facebook, one started by citizens last year called Minnesotans for Racinos and another one that is Racino Now’s official fan page, both are excellent sources of information. Additionally, we have a twitter profile, be sure to become a fan or follower today and be sure to spread the news to your friends that use these websites. These pages will give you even more news related to racinos and their progress in the state of Minnesota.

Thank You for Your Time,

Racino Now Staff