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All in the Family: Mark and Bonnie Kane

By Rebecca Roush

While horse ownership, or horse racing for that matter, didn’t come swiftly to Mark Kane and his wife Bonnie, he caught on to the process when it did.

In 2007 the couple from Brooklyn Park was introduced to the idea of owning their first horse when Bonnie’s brother-in-law, former horse owner Matt Wiebke, took them out to Canterbury Park to enjoy a day of live racing. It was then that Wiebke got Bonnie on board with the idea of joining a partnership, Web’s Gems Stable. The only thing left to do was to convince Mark that the opportunity was worthwhile. “It didn’t take more than two minutes to talk me into it,” Mark said.

With Jamie Ness as the group’s trainer and Paul Nolan as their main rider, Web’s Gems Stable was making it big. After having many successful meets, the group decided it was in their best interest to sell their horses and part ways at the end of 2011.

Own Your Own Racehorse

That was not the end of owning horses for the Kane’s however. “We just weren’t ready to give it up,” Mark said.

It was then that the couple decided to form Bonnie Kane Stable. Since then, the duo has been racing their horses at tracks across the country and has seen success among local partnerships.

Mark currently owns 10 horses between his stable and partnerships. One of which happens to be with Trainer Nevada Litfin. “Bonnie and I have a really good relationship with Nevada and his wife Veronica,” Kane commented. “They make up a really good team, which allows us to get the right information about our horses,” he added.

In the past, Mark had purchased horses from auctions, but ended up starting to breed his own with Tim Rosin. “Raising the babies has been one of the biggest surprises of owning horses, because you never really know what you’re going to get,” Mark said.

Since breaking off on their own, the Kane’s say the hardest part has been losing their horses in a claim. “At first we really didn’t understand the process and even got upset when the horses would be bought from us, but it has become easier to let go over the years,” Bonnie said. “It still kind of hurts to lose a horse, but I realize that if you put them there, they can go,” Mark added.

The couple says that they have also learned, from Jamie Ness that “you have to run them where they can win.”

When asked what their favorite part of horse ownership is, the Kane’s agreed that they both “really enjoy having the ability to bring their family and friends back to see the horses.”

One piece of advice that the Kane’s offer to new owners or someone considering owning a horse is to “start out by joining or forming a partnership. Owning with others allows for flexibility and makes it possible to choose how involved you want to be,” they agreed. Even though they are often busy with overseeing their horses, the couple still finds time to enjoy their new cabin with their three children, Joe, Jim, and Amanda.

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