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Breeders' Cup Weekend

Friday, November 6 & Saturday, November 7


1st Place: Paul shurman


Place Name Final Bankroll Prizes
1st Paul Shurman $2,375.00 $15,000
2nd Patrick Giaforte $2,356.28 $5,000
3rd Brandon Cooney $2,280.00 $2,500 NHC entry
4th Roberta Templin $1,876.00 $1,500 NHC entry
5th Jamie Michelson $1,070.60 $1,000


The Contest 

  • Entry Fee: $3,000. $1,000 goes into prize pool (more than 100% to be paid out). $2,000 to be used for real money tournament wagers. Friday's beginning bankroll is $800. Friday's ending bankroll is added to the remaining $1,200 to start on Saturday.
  • One entry per person.
  • Top two finishers receive entry to the National Handicapping Championship. 


Contest Format

  • Players must bet on at least 10 out of the 14 Breeders' Cup races. The Breeders' Cup Classic will be a mandatory bet.
  • Must bet at least half of current bankroll on each race wagered.
    Example: first race that player wagers on, total bet must be at least $400 (half of $800 starting bankroll). If player cashes that race for $2600 making his/her current bankroll $3000, the next race player wagers on, total bet must be at least $1500.
  • Any bet offered within the races is allowed.
  • Any combination of bets can be made: WPS, exactas, trifectas and superfectas. Any way you want, any way you can. 
  • No multi race wagers: daily doubles, pick 3s, pick 4s, pick 6s. 
  • Players may bet all 14 races, or all of their money on any one race, but they must bet at least 10 races (including the Breeders' Cup Classic) and each race they bet must be at least half their current bankroll or they will be disqualified.
  • In the event of a scratch (after player has wagered), all monies will be refunded and the player's bet will be counted as a race wagered on, even if the scratch brings the player's total below the mandatory half bankroll wager. 
  • If a player cashes a ticket with IRS withholdings, only the net amount will count in this tournament.
    Example: player cashes a single ticket for $10,000, IRS takes out $3,500, player gets credit for $6,500. Just like any other day at the track.



Prize Structure

to be determined 

1st Place: 60% of entry fees; plus name engraved on UHI trophy. Also, a championship ring to keep and cherish forever. NHC berth
2nd Place: 20% plus NHC berth
3rd Place: 10%
4th Place: 6%
5th Place: 4%

Remember this is a real money tournament, all money won during the tournament is in addition to the prize pool.

Call Jeff Maday at 952.496.6437 for more information.
Hotel rate available. Please call for information.


Official Rules

Entry Form 

Previous Contest Winners and Bankrolls

(one day tournament with a $1000 bankroll)

2003 - Paul Messell $9,528
2004 - Cory Shorr - $5,699
2005 - H. Mitchell Schuman $13,963
2006 - Dennis Tiernan $19,498
2007 - Roberta Templin $3,436


(two-day tournament with a $2,000 bankroll)

2008 - Ron Geary $4,070.58