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Horse Player World Series

Super Satellite Handicapping Contests


Pick Your Day.
Pick Your Track.


Best Score In Three-Day Contest Session Wins.


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Official Rules


 Oct. 22-24, Oct. 29-31, Nov. 5-7, Nov. 12-14, Nov. 19-21, Nov. 26-28, Dec. 3-5, Dec. 10-12
• $10 Entry Fee for each contest day. Players may enter once per day.


• Select one track from three offered each day. Select one horse in each of the eight contest races. Points awarded based on a mythical $20 across the board wager.


• One player for every 10 entries from each super satellite session will win a $100 entry into the Horse Player World Series Satellite Contest on Saturday, Dec. 19.


Cash Bonus to Player With The Highest Individual Score from Oct. 22 - Dec. 12.


Beginning October 22, 2015, $10 Super Satellite contests will be held each week through December 12 that will qualify players for a $100 entry fee to the Horse Player World Series Satellite Contest on December 19, 2015 which will award entry, $450 for travel expense, and accommodation to the 2016 Horse Player World Series in Las Vegas, March 31-April 2. 
Players will be allowed to play in a $10 Super Satellite contest each Thursday, Friday, and/or Saturday with the highest individual score from each three-day contest period determining the winner. Players may choose to play one of three selected tracks (eight races at each track) each Thursday, Friday, and/or Saturday. Each entry is $10, but players may participate only once per day and each day must pay a $10 entry fee if they choose to play.
Each week, one winner for every 10 entries will receive a $100 entry to the Dec. 19 Horse Player World Series Satellite. The Super Satellite contest format requires entrants to select one horse in each of the eight contest races and submit the selections before entry deadline. Points will be awarded for selections based on the official mutuel payoffs based on a mythical $20 across-the-board wager. One entry per person per day. Entrants must be 21 years of age or older

The highest score from each three day contest session will determine the winner. For example, Player A may have the highest score of 800 on Thursday of the contest session but would not beat Player B who scores 900 points on the Saturday of the same contest session.
Scores will not be posted until the end of the contest session.


Date                    SatelliteEntryWinners.......................... PrizeWinners.................. BonusPool.................................

Oct. 22-24

Andrew Malecha 1,016
Pat Larson 1,010
Bruce Meyer 964
Carolyn Cook 754
Bruce Kuehl 752

 Lannette Sheldon  732


Bonus Pool $24

Oct. 29-31

Andrew Malecha 940
Shaun Rau 842
Bob Hawkinson 738
Dave Handeland 692
Steve Leeper 664

 Mark Freiberg 664
$48 prize

Bonus Pool $56
Nov. 5-7

Steve Capistrant  1,168
Andrew Malecha 861

Bob Moore 852

Lannette Sheldon 834

Bob Hawkinson 742

Shaun Rau 686

$12 prize

Bonus Pool $64
Nov. 12-14

Ray Hassan 1164

Andrew Malecha 982

Steve Leeper 922

Mark LoneTree 714

Mark Freiberg 704

$48 prize

Bonus Pool $96
Nov. 19-21

Kim Ross 1,306
Ray Hassan 1,003
Dave Handeland 774
Ray Davis 686

Bruce Meyer  630
$54 prize

Current Bonus Pool $136
Nov. 26-28



Dec. 3-5



Dec. 10-12