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$7,000+ Countdown to the Cup

Breeders' Cup Handicapping Contest

September 19 - October 24, 2015


Free to Enter  •  More than $7,000+ in Weekly & Season-Long Prizes





The Contest

Every Saturday features a new slate of races and a new chance to win.  Simply select one horse in each race at the featured track.  Points will be awarded based on a mythical $20 across the board bet. A cap limits the points you can earn on a single race.  The entry deadline is first post of the contest track.  Free to Enter.  Must be 18 to play.  Must have an MVP Card to Enter.  For official rules, click below. Enter in person on third floor information booth.


Official Rules

Contest Flyer


The Prizes

Weekly & overall prizes will be available on player's MVP Cards for Breeders’ Cup wagers on October 30th and 31st. For the overall contest score, each player drops their lowest weekly contest score. Prizes can be claimed at a Kiosk or a MVP Players' Booth. Prizes not claimed by October 31 at Midnight will be forfeited. 


Minimum play required for full weekly and overall prize pool payouts. Weekly minimum play requirements:$20 wagered on contest day. Overall minimum play requirements: $100 total for all six contest days.


Weekly Prize Payouts
1st – $250 Breeders’ Cup Bankroll

($50 if minimum not met)
2nd – 5th – $100 Breeders’ Cup Bankroll

($25 if minimum not met)

Overall Prize Payouts
1st – $1,000 Breeders’ Cup Bankroll

($200 if minimum not met)

2nd – $500 Breeders’ Cup Bankroll

($100 if minimum not met)
3rd – $400 Breeders’ Cup Bankroll

($80 if minimum not met)
4th – $300 Breeders’ Cup Bankroll

($60 if minimum not met)
5th – $200 Breeders’ Cup Bankroll

($40 if minimum not met)
6th – 10th – $100 Breeders’ Cup Bankroll

($20 if minimum not met)

11th – 20th – $50 Breeders’ Cup Bankroll

($10 if minimum not met)





The Schedule



Contest Track


Sept. 19

Churchill Downs


$250-Vitek, Lawrence

$100-Grangroth, Ricky

$100-Halvorson, Jackie

$100-Lane, Jerry

$25-Reuben, Penny


Sept. 26

Santa Anita


$250-Capistrant, Steven

$100-Tall, Steven

$100-Molnar, Rita

$100-Handeland, Dave

$100-Hafner, Ron 

Oct. 3

Belmont Park


$250- Sefcik, Donald

$100- Lund, Charles

$100- Binder, Theresa

$25- Meyer, Adam

$100- Hofstedt, Robert  


Oct. 10



$250- Holden, Bruce 

$100- Locken, Loretta

$100- Gerhardt, James

$100- Sheldon, Lannette

$100- McCoy, Andrew


Oct. 17

Belmont Park


$250- Tobin, Michael

$100- Johnson, James

$25- Anderson, Brian

$25- Vohnoutka, Joseph

$25- Blatzheim, Keith


Oct. 24



$250- Fahey, Timothy

$100- Tall, Steven

$100- Ostlund, Per

$100- Carlson, Richard

$50- Armstrong, Jane

$50- Mohrbacher, Patricia

Overall Winners

$1,000- Locken, Loretta

$500- Molnar, Rita

$400- Holden,Bruce

$300- Mather, Peter

$200- Lietzau, Jay

$100- Sheldon, Lannette

$100- Henkelman, Roger

$100- Tall, Steven

$100- Hill, Pete

$100- Bultinck, Cory

$50- Freiberg, Mark

$50- Hafner, Ron

$50- Fahey, Timothy

$50- Jack, Mary

$50- Mohrbacher, Patricia

$50- Hagen, Duane

$50- Woods, Danny

$50- Carter, Jerome

$50- Tobin, Michael

$50- Capistrant, Steven







The Results


Results can be viewed in the chart below. To organize the list by score, click any of the Week buttons or the Overall button. To organize by name, click on the word "Customer". You may also search by name using the search box located below the word "Customer".

Our goal is to post the results by 5 PM on the Thursday following each contest.  However, the process is subject to technical difficulties which may delay the results. Results will be "Official" Monday at 5PM after results are posted.We reserve the right to keep the results unofficial until all discrepancies are handled. 


Final weekend (Oct. 24) and Overall prizes will be posted Tuesday, Oct. 27 by 6 PM.  Players will have 24 hours to dispute issues with scores.  Results will be OFFICIAL Wednesday, Oct. 28 at 6 PM. Overall and Weekly Prizes will be available for pickup during Breeders' Cup weekend - October 30 and 31. 


If your results are missing from the list below or contain a critical miscalculation, please email with your name, MVP number, and a detailed description of the error.



 Note: Each contestant's lowest weekly score has been dropped from their overall total.