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Canterbury Betting Club

 Your Money. Our Experts

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The Canterbury Park Betting Club is designed to be a fun, educational and easy way for casual race fans to participate daily in Canterbury Park and other simulcast race wagers, even if they are not at the track. 


The Club will use wagering strategies to help promote a further understanding of handicapping as well as giving the participants a daily financial stake in wagers placed on Canterbury Park or other simulcast races.


You can join the betting club for just $50.


Session 2: August 6 - September 12

Deadline to Enter: August 5


View the club rules and details here.


Betting Club Form here


Betting Club members will receive an email with club wagers by 4 p.m Thursday and Friday and by noon on weekends. There may also be special wagers made on other days that will be announced in advance via email.


Sign up for the next session at the clubhouse level mutuel island. You can start the club registration process in advance by printing and completing this form now and submitting it at the registration desk during your next visit along with $50 cash or voucher.