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Bring Your Home Game to Canterbury Park

Perfect for Bachelor Parties, Guys' Night Out,

Birthdays, Ladies Night or Your Weekly Poker Game



Reserve Your Table and Time Today

• Reserved Poker Table & Dealer For Your Party
Inclusions in Promotions & Jackpots
Short Poker Lesson (as requested)
One Free Rail Drink or Tap Beer Per Player
(free soda always provided for seated players in the Canterbury Card Casino)
Earn Cash and Comps while playing.


There is no extra cost for reserving a home game!
All tables pay the normal collection/entry fee for the game you decide to play


Home Game reservations available Sunday - Thursday


To Reserve Your Table,

Contact Michael Hochman at:




Reservation Options


Survival Tournaments - The Closest Thing To A No Limit Cash Game You’ll Find in Minnesota

Survivals are the ideal game for your “Home Game.” Essentially it’s No Limit Texas Hold’em with a time limit. (Finally the universal “last hand” announcement won’t wait until 4 AM)


Start by selecting your time period – typically two or three hours. Then play no limit texas hold’em. Blinds go up just once during the tournament time period and re-buys are allowed anytime you are below half your original chip stack.


When the time period ends, all players are paid a percentage of the prize pool determined by your chip count.


Cost/Fees: Survivals are technically tournaments, so players pay an entry fee rather than an ongoing collection. Entry Fees = $30/person for a 2 hour event; $45/person for a 3 hour event. With the entry fee, you’re eligible for all Canterbury Park promotions, jackpots and comp accrual.


The “Buy-In” amount for the survival tournament can be determined by your group, and can range anywhere from $100 - $2,500!

Sit & Go Tournaments

If you’re looking for fast play at a lower limit, Sit & Go’s are for you. These fast paced tournaments run just over one hour. Feel free to play two or three tournaments in a night!


Cost/Fees: Our Sit & Go Tournaments are available at $60/person and $105/person with $15/person going toward the entry fee and the remainder going into the prize pool.


Limit Game Options:

Canterbury Park deals Texas Hold’em, Omaha, 7-Card Stud or a mix game with limits ranging from $2-4 to $30-60. We can deal a home game for any game/limit authorized for play at Canterbury Park.


Cost/Fees: All tables pay the normal Canterbury collection for the game/limit you decide to play, making your table eligible for the Canterbury’s jackpot, comp accrual and other promotions.



Frequently Asked Questions


How many people do I need to make a reservation?

Canterbury Park’s home games can be reserved with a minimum of 6 players and a maximum of 9 players for any game.


If we don’t have a full table, will you fill in the table with other players in the room?

Survival/Sit & Go’s: As long as you have 6 players, we can limit the table to just your group.
Live Games: We’ll maintain your individual table as long as you have a minimum of 8 players. If you have less than 8, we may fill the table from the board if necessary.