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In the world of casinos, it’s the dealers who make experience and atmosphere even more enjoyable. Our dealers are trained to the highest professional standards and only too happy to engage you in conversation and high fives.


With roughly 150 dealers, we want you to get to know them even better. So we bring you “Meet The Dealer Monday”, with a new Featured Dealer every other week filled with fun facts and tidbits you may not know about our friendly staff.





1. I'm a south paw.

2. Lake Kabetogama is my favorite place on earth.

3. I LOVE kids.

4. My favorite show is Will & Grace-but I just recently started watching The Office, and it's pretty awesome

5. I played basketball until I graduated high school, and went back to coach girls basketball for 7 years

6. Dave Franco is my #2 crush of all time

7. I play softball, ping pong, and SPEED

8. J10 is my favorite poker hand

9. I'll never understand why Mountain Dew takes so much better out of the can

10. Free Steven Avery






1. I was born on April Fool’s Day

2. I have no middle name.

3. I sang, “Two Become One” in front of my entire elementary school in 5th grade.

4. In middle school, I was the city badminton champion!

5. I’m a “Friends” fanatic.

6. I have an obsession with the number 15.

7. Vince Carter is my favorite athlete.

8. Leonardo DiCaprio is my favorite actor.

9. Caribou Coffee is my guilty pleasure.

10. Along with Pokemon Go, I love to play first person shooters online.







1. First job at a sandwich shop, the day after I turned fourteen.


2. I grew up in Wisconsin, and moved to MN the day after I graduated.


3. I learned 3-Card poker when I was three years old from my Mom and Grandma.


4. I was a gymnast for 12 years, and currently coach gymnastics.


5. I’ve been in the casino biz for 15 years.


6. I’m fluent in American Sign Language.


7. I got to play Tiger Lily in the play, Peter Pan


8. Neither of my children had names until they were 3 days old.


9. I wear a size 11 shoe – They called me ‘skis’ in high school.


10. I can type 65 WPM!








1. I only eat tomatoes for breakfast....(preferably in a Bloody Mary)


2. I have visited all 50 states.


3. Once, I swam all the way across the English Channel.


4. I read about TV shows....but don't actually watch them


5. I went to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and majored in Philosophy (seriously).


6. I dream of being a NASCAR driver


7. My favorite movies are The Matrix, One Night at McCools, Fight Club, The Princess Bride, Momento and Unbreakable.









1. I’ve been a Casino Games Dealer at Canterbury since we first opened in 2000.

2. What I love most about my job is the variety it provides in dealing various card games; the fun energy and high pace environment that comes from working in a Casino. As well as the camaraderie that I share with my co-workers.

3. My dream job would be playing in the NHL. I played competitive hockey for 33+ years and still hit the ice for fun.

4. My fiancé is a saint because we often schedule our time together around what games are on that day/night, and choose our date outing venues based on their television viewing options.

5. My favorite teams are the Pittsburgh Penguins and Chicago Cubs.

6. My favorite card game is Cribbage.

7. When I was 9 years old I was in a Coca-Cola TV commercial with Wayne Gretzky.

8. I love snow and cold weather temperatures and my family often teases me that its because I was born during the historic “Ice Age” cold snap in Chicago.

9. I make a mean Tater Tot Hot Dish!

10. I am told I have a quick wit and good sense of humor. I am outgoing and sociable which suits me well in my daily work at Canterbury Park.








1. I am an avid board gamer.

2. I am obsessed with the game, “Resident Evil”

3. I could live off of Chipotle and Kyloto.

4. My favorite animal is the Guinea Pig.

5. My car was hit by a train.

6. I enjoy reading.

7. I adore dealing Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em

8. I can’t whistle

9. I’ve never broken a bone.

10. I’ve never been out of the country.







1. I like to canoe, longboard, hackey sack, play football, and watch Netflix.

2. I started playing hockey at age 30.

3. I am a goalie.

4. I have performed stand up, long form improv and short form improv.

5. I am not a freemason.

6. I have worked at Canterbury Park for nearly 14 years.

7. I can do a hand stand from a sitting position.

8. I have worked in the gambling industry for over 20 years.

9. I have never been to Las Vegas.

10. I am a grandfather of 3.







1. I grew up in a family with five kids, all girls.

2. I was Miss Morristown 1992 (hometown, Morristown MN)


3. First job was selling nightcrawlers that I used an electric prod to capture.

4. My folks worked hard at the feed mill and a restaurant. I help out at both.

5. I had a previous career at McDonalds, but have been with Canterbury since 2000. (16 years wow!)

6. I have two wonderful children, Peyton (16), and Regan (10 months)

7. I was a Shakopee Jacyee New Jaycee of the year!


8. I participate in the Polar Plunge to raise funds for the Special Olympics every year.

Julie - Miss Morristown 1992